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Decor8 Scotland Ltd

Painting & Decorating

West Calder Residential

This house had been on the market for several months with very little interest. The owner was moving to America and wanted to sell as quickly as possible as his family had already relocated.

As you can see the exterior of the building was not great and both the masonry and windows were looking tired

Once I had looked over the property I sat down with the owner and discussed both their requirements and budget.

Then together we agreed what was to be done and how long it would take.

The customer wanted to make a visual impact on any prospective buyer as they drove up to the house.

As agreed we power washed the building to remove all contaminants and then applied 2 coats of smooth exterior Weathershield Dulux masonry paint.

All windows & Fascias were sanded and repaired where necessary and painted with two coats of Butinox nutbrown 3

Metalwork, gutters and downpipes were cleaned and undercoated and glossed using Dulux Weathershield exterior undercoat and gloss

Both the customer and I were very pleased with the end result.

In a complex with only 9 houses of similar size this one stood out as soon as you drove in

The house sold within 1 week of the completion of works and we were asked to quote by 3 of the neighbours for similar work.

The project took 5 weeks to complete and took in several rain delays

As you can see there were a lot of plant growth up and around the building and these were covered as we went to ensure their protection

All windows were painted open and left to dry to ensure they did not stick however they were reopened at the end of the project and instructions left to ensure they were opened daily for a week.