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Decor8 Scotland Ltd

Painting & Decorating

Alloa Residential

This property had not seen a lick of paint for a number of years. The customer had been keen to update the look however had never found the right contractor

The last company that painted the property has not masked off the brick wall below and subsequently covered it with splashes of masonry paint

The windows had also weathered badly and whilst a couple had been replaced there were a few that needed some real TLC before we continued

Before any paint was applied the bottom section of the wall was masked off with gaffer tape and clear plastic sheeting. This was taped close to the wall to prevent it blowing about in the wind.

Any loose or flaky paint work was removed and the area stabilised with a solution.

There was a good deal of moss on the walls so this was removed and treated with an anti fungal treatment and left to dry overnight.

All the windows were spot primed where required undercoated with Dulux exterior weathershild undercoat and finished with a topcoat of the relevant gloss.

Due to the elevated position of the house we opted with a standard rolling system as opposed to a spray.

All the downpipes were undercoated and glossed with an exterior Dulux paint and the gutters were picked out in Black.

We also sourced and arranged for a builder to quote for repairing the front wall of the property so it could be tied in with the freshly painted house.

We had advertised throughout the street before and during the work and we picked up four other quotations from residences of the street of which three converted into work

More importantly for us the customer was so impressed that they referred us onto three other friends for quotations.