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Decor8 Scotland Ltd

Painting & Decorating

Edinburgh Airport

This was a warehouse in Edinburgh airport. As you can see the building itself was in a state of disrepair and needed desperately to be updated.

Our guidance from the client was to ensure the building looked and felt as new as possible.

We were tasked with both interior and exterior of the building as well as painting of the floors.

There were quite a few windows out and these were replaced before we commenced the painting. The quality of the existing paintwork was poor due to the weather and the time the building had been left standing

The building was first stripped of all loose and flaky paintwork, it was then sealed with stabalizing solution and left to dry overnight

All the products used were Dulux wethershield masonry paints and wethershield exterior undercoats and gloss. due to the heavy use of the building these paints were used inside and out

The finished building was completed in a two tone sand/brown colour. all the windows were finished in white both inside and out.

The doors, gutters and fascias were picked out in a darker colour to bring a clean feel to the building.

The main shutter doors were oiled and repaired and picked out in the same colours

We removed all of the weeds to give the client a better finish and allow them to move into the building without any further ground clearance required

Once completed the client was exceptionally pleased with the results. This once worn out building that played host to fighter crews in the second world war was now a clean and vibrant place of work